Technical Service

Lighthouse 3D- Mobile Truck and Trailer Alignment (LMTA) Division is there to ensure that your business wheels are under good management.

LMTA can handle

  • Light truck single axle
  • Heavy trucks. 2, 3 and 4 axle
  • Multi axle heavy trailers
  • Cranes

LMTA can do

Alignment Following Trailer Repairs Are Available

F.A.A – Front Axle alignment

R.A.A – Rear Axle Alignment


D.A.A – Drive Axle Alignment

Draglink and Tie Rod Ball Joints

T.A.A – Trailer Axle Alignment

Stabilizing Bushes

O.T.B – On Truck Balancing

Schakle Bushes

C.A.A – Crane Axle Alignment

Brake Linings

Axle Corrections (camber)


Trailer Tracking Adjustments


Steering Straightening

All Trailer Repair
Balancing Weights All Trailer Repair

Get 3D – Mobile Alignment from Lighthouse Fleet Management Services and find out what’s wrong with your vehicle suspension and make use of International Standard 3D Computerized Alignment System to ensure your wheels are parallel and your vehicle is set straight to save you money and time.