Fleet Management

Lighthouse Fleet Management Service aiming to ensure that all your Fleet Management data, processes and policies are interpreted correctly for good management decisions and cost saving initiatives.

LHFMS can assist you with

  1. Reducing operational and Financial risk.
  2. Improving service delivery to external clients.
  3. Evaluate vehicles against market values in to ensure a better asset realization.
  4. Crafting and implementing strategies and policies to improve your Fleet utilization for better performance and vehicle maintenance cost.

LHFMS Service Delivery areas

  1. Analysis of your current fleet status for you to optimize your processes and operations by designing unique fleet improvement strategies.
  2. Audit and evaluate your fleet management strategy and benchmark it against industry best practices.
  3. Evaluate and report and Fleet Data findings.
  4. Implementation of revised fleet management strategies to clients with practical guidance and support.
  5. Skill Transfer to your Fleet management personnel and capacity development.