Welcome To Lighthouse Fleet Management Services

After 17 Years’ experience in Fleet Operations and Strategic Management, a dream was fulfilled when owner and founder, James Liebenberg, started Lighthouse Fleet Management Services. James gained experience from being a Fleet Operations Manager to a Senior Fleet Consultant to National Fleet Manager whilst working for many well-known Fleet companies.

He has built his company on faith, integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction.

We specialize in
client service such as

  • Fleet Management planning and execution
  • Vehicle Remarketing
  • Mobile Wheel Alignment and Trailer Repair

Our highly qualified and dedicated technical staff have 14-year experience in truck and trailer wheel alignment and trailer repairs. He is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction.


Lighthouse Fleet Management Service aiming to ensure that all your Fleet Management data, processes and policies are interpret correctly for good management decisions and cost saving initiatives.


Did you know that resale of assets forms a critical part of a vehicle’s lifecycle? All too often the sale of a vehicle at the end of its life is overshadowed with the purchase of its replacement.


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